Polycarbonate Ventilator Base Plate Manufacturers



• High Impact strength
• Weather Resistant
• Excellent Durability
• Easy to install
• Available in all types of roofing Profiles
• Virtually Unbreakable

Polycarbonate Base Plates are used to install Air Roof Ventilators on the roof of the structure. Polycarbonate sheets are an excellent replacement for FRP sheets. Polycarbonate base plates transmits light up to 85% for long time. These plates are virtually unbreakable, fire-retardant, UV-Resistant, and easy to handle & install. Polycarbonate base plates can be used for Factories, Warehouses, Workshops & Industrial sheds. ARV's expertise in Roofing Products provides the edge with respect to precision, as the design of base plates matches that of metal sheet precision, thus eliminating the possibility of leakage.