Micro Ridge Ventilators


Standard Size:

Each 10 feet unit features 180 square inches of free area with a base rating of 450 CFM of air movement. Units in lengths less than 10 feet can be manufactured upon request. Throat size is determined by roof pitch.


Aerodynamic, low-profile design enhances the looks and performance of architectural roof systems. The unit moves toward the ridge on floating roofs. Vents are made to match roof slope to maintain low-profile appearance.


Unit is factory assembled and ready for installation. Vent features a time-tested, economical, self-cleaning and durable ventilation core. All steel parts are 24-gauge.


Galvalume or Polar White finish is standard, and other colors are available including

ARV micro ridge ventilators are aesthetically appealing, and are an extremely efficient means of ventilating metal roofs. Each unit is manufactured in 10 feet lengths and can be installed as a single unit or can be butted together to form a continuous run. By lapping the furnished joint covers over the top of the butted joints in a continuous run, the vent has the appearance of a single unit.

Aluminum Ventilators :

Aluminium Ventilators are developed with high grade aluminium based upon the latest technology. This Air Roof ventilator is used for ventilation purpose and for keeping humidity and temperature at required level. Our developed Aluminium Turbo ventilators are based on the latest technology and are effective in managing the temperature inside the industry and exchange air from inside to outside in automatic fashion.