Industrial Ventilation Fan Manufacturers

Industrial Ventilation Fan Manufacturers- Ventilation Fans Manufacturers

The Qulaity Ventilation Fans are designed and developed under the Air Turbo Ventilators does not require any power or electricity to operate, Continuously in motion with the wind, removes extremely hot air in the summer guidance of vendor’s skilled professionals as per industry norms. Our developed Industrial Ventilation Fan manufacturers are based on the latest technology and are effective in managing the temperature inside the industry and exchange air from inside to outside in automatic fashion. This ventilator or ventilation Fan is used for ventilation purpose, keeping humidity and temperature at required level. Industrial Roof Ventilators provides a safe, cool healthier & more controlled environment by removing the entrapped heat and industrial emission ensuring the health of workers, thus contributing to an increase in workers productivity. The offered ventilator is made available in various dimensions suitable for different organizational sizes.

Features :

1) Better Ventilation with no cost
2) Application oriented design
3) Easy to install

Industrial Exhaust Fans Manufacturers - Industrial Fans Manufacturers

The aim of the exhaust is to remove the dirty air and adjust the temperature, humidity. Industrial Ventilation Fan is used for general ventilation and is propeller type. Industrial Exhaust fans are used for ventilating commercial buildings and also used to remove the heated air and fumes from the workroom.

Industrial Exhaust Fans or Powerless ventilators are used to exhaust hot air in simple and efficient manner. This product is a wind operated ventilators installed on the roof and is rotated by the wind, the stale air inside is exhausted through the vanes and a natural inward flow of fresh air is boosted. They don’t require any electricity to rotate. The offered Air ventilator is made available in various dimensions suitable for different organizational sizes


1) Stable Performance and highly efficient
2) No Electricity required
3) Accurate and approximate painting


• Material Used: Totally SS Built
• Number of Vanes: 0.7 mm thickness, 38no
• Centre Shaft: Stainless Steel
• Bearing: SKF - 3 Nos
• Rivets: Copper Pneumatic
• Turbine Doom Thickness: 1.2 mm
• Turbine Outer Dia: 645 mm
• Turbine Doom Dia: 320 mm
• Turbine Rotor Dia: 520 mm
• Turbine Throat Dia: 610 mm
• Turbine Height: 410 mm
• Turbine Weight: 4.19 Kgs